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My name is Brian. I’m a lot of different things: husband, new father, guitarist, ice hockey player, writer, researcher, editor, producer, volunteer, and ever-curious autodidact. Ultimately, though, I’m three things:

      • Thinker/Researcher/Writer
        I earned my Master’s degree in 2011 in International Relations, with a concentration in Conflict Management and Human Rights. In addition to sharpeneing my research and writing skills. I have also put in time as a professional writer, blogger, and grant writing consultant.


      • Techie/Creative Type/Designer/Producer
        I have a pretty diverse set of skills here, culled from my experience as a hobbyist as well as some volunteer work. I helped a local NGO by building their entire website, which you can view at somaliastrategyforum.org. I also edit video in Final Cut Pro X for a weekly online series, and have worked to sharpen my skills in Photoshop, InDesign, and web design.


      • Go-Getter/Multitasker/Event Planner/Person Who Wants to Make the World a Better Place
        Check. I earned my Master’s degree while working full time, so I learned a lot about managing and juggling time. I have coordinated with writers while compiling a scholarly journal, scrambled to meet deadlines and budgets while putting on conferences, and worked through the night to advance my education and feed my desire to make a meaningful impact in the world.


Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.